Sometimes it’s easier to arrange a session in your own space therefore
 I am available for home visits and group classes at your workplace.

To grow successfully many companies are embracing various wellness programs specifically as a way to improve wellbeing of their employees, thus their performance at work.
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 "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." 
Henry Ford
Being and working in harmony as a team can dramatically increase our general wellness, performance at work and in private life. We all have our part to play in a larger symphony of life, contributing to our environment precious gifts, unique voice, original perspective yet knowing how to cooperate and move towards the same direction. This applies as much for the human body which is a collective made out of billions of individual cells as much for a family or a corporation.
This is an invitation to the experience of restful being in harmony with the self and others in clarity of mind where solutions can present them selves effortlessly while the body enjoys profound states of relaxation in which every cell of your body is being rejuvenated through the gentle power of precise sound vibrations. With this sound bath you will receive both, a sonic audible experience and a vibrational massage as the instruments used produce a series of harmonic vibrations that penetrate deeply into all organs, systems, tissues, bones, ligaments of the body. Such sound massage session is equivalent to four hours of deep sleep. 
During your session the harmonic sounds will take your brain on a journey calming the hyper active mind that dominates and often pollutes our daily activity with repetitive noise, compromising our efficiency and wellness.
Gong's being played smoothly will entrain your brain into restorative and rich in insight Alpha and Theta brainwaves, where you can explore the landscape of effortless being. As the mind is being taken through sound into these meditative states of heightened creativity you can gain remarkable insight and reconnect with a deep sense of wholeness. Contributing worthwhile effort in your community after such journey comes naturally as an essential expression of your presence.  
Restore soundness in your people 
Sequences of ancient Chinese style exercises are specifically designed to create mental clarity and efficiency, as well as alleviate chronic symptoms that occur from sitting.
Your people are more productive
Walk away from this experience feeling refreshed and recharged. You will be more creative and efficient at the work you do right after.
Your business is more successful
The accumulative effect of efficient workers will stimulate business as well as creating a healthy working environment for employees.
I’d love to talk through what you might need, so just get in touch any time.

These classes include:

Qigong - the ancient Chinese holistic sytem of coordinated body movements
Breathing Techniques to quiet the mind and assist in entering a meditative state
Body Scan & Relaxation Techniques
Goal/Intention Setting
Removal of Impediments (stress. anxiety, lack of confidence)
Employees participating in Working Soundness programs will:
Exhibit greater productivity and higher performance
Acquire a more positive outlook
Have reduced absenteeism
Have more confidence in their decision making
Have more confidence in their presentations
Exhibit a greater sense of creativity and clarity
Develop  strong leadership skills
Handle stressful situations and business stress far better
Become a better negotiator and not allow negative emotions to affect you
Even though we primarily offer classes that are fixed based upon the amount of time of the class, days they are offered, time of day when they are taught, we can create a custom Meditation program that meets your needs. 
 I will create a custom Working Soundess program based upon:
The number of classes you want (e.g. once per week, twice per week, each day of the work week, weekends)
How long you wish to be (e.g. 45-60 minutes, 60-90 minutes)
The number of people in the class (e.g. 5-10, 10-20, 20-40, 40+)
Your corporate goals/needs.
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