Slavomir Latko

My name is Słavomir from the old Slavic ‘the one who glorifies peace’.
That's a pretty good description of what I focus on. 
Instead of fighting stress or disease I facilitate an open space for healing through a range of modalities, addressing the person as a whole. We will work with your body and mind focusing on underlying causes rather then just physical symptoms, helping you to reveal the innate state of radiant wellbeing. 
Over the last two decades I was lucky enough to discover and practice healing methods passed down through the old traditions from Far East and the modern Western science. Infinite gratitude goes to my teachers. To mentioned a few:  Susan Pa’iniu Floyd ( shaman and teacher of an ancient Hawaiian healing system, disciple of Kahu Abraham Kawai’i ), Khenpo Gelek Gyamtso ( Dzogchen and dharma teacher, disciple of Akhyuk Rinpoche (1927-2011) who was one of Tibet’s most renowned meditation masters of recent times), sifu Gu Shiyi ( Daoist wellness, he is 15th generation of Wudang Sanfeng Pai, disciple of grandmaster Zhong Yun Long ).
Being on the self healing journey myself helps me to understand that we all share mutual need for recovery. 
It is my knowledge, not a belief that our innermost essence is happiness and wellbeing. 
Ultimately the specific form of the external disease is some form of internal unease. 
If you are willing and ready we can release it, together.
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