Each celestial body, in fact each and every atom, produces a particular sound on account of its movement, its rhythm or vibration. All these sounds and vibrations form a universal harmony in which each element, while having it’s own function and character, contributes to the whole.
Pythagoras (569-475 BC)
for a limiter time only

Welcome 2019 at Blakes hotel by aligning and detoxing your mind, body & soul - an essential for facing the year ahead. www.blakeshotels.com
Together with an amazing yoga teacher Eve Latil I’ll be offering a series of classes and treatments at London’s first luxury boutique hotel, Blakes Hotel in Kensington, this January only to help guests and neighbours get out of the post-Christmas slump and start the new year revived and rejuvenated in mind and spirit.
You can choose from regular classes of Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Qigong, Sound Baths, one to one treatments and even something special for couples. 

Schedule for January 2019 at Blakes:

Morning Classes:

Kundalini Yoga with Gong Bath 10.30am-12pm 
£30 per person, max 7 guests 

Evening Classes:

Kundalini Yoga with Gong Bath 6.30pm-8pm 
£30 per person, max 7 guests 

Qi of Gong 6.30pm-8pm  
£30 per person, max 7 guests 
Kundalini Yoga 5.30pm-7pm
Qi of Gong 6.30pm-8pm  
£30 per person, max 7 guests 
For one to one sessions or any more information please email: daoslavo@gmail.com 
Please note: we keep these sessions small and intimate therefore please book your ticket in advance to secure your place. 


Regular Group Sessions for wellness and longevity

This is a unique class that combines:
Daoist Meditation
Gong Bath

Design to restore harmony and soundness in your being through effective and time-tested methods.

We start with:

Qigong - these gentle movements combine meditative and physically active elements, sometimes called Taoist Yoga are basic exercise system within Chinese medicine. Qigong can be described as a mind-body-spirit practice that improves one's mental and physical health by integrating posture, movement, breathing technique, self-massage, sound, and focused intent.
Anyone of any age or physical condition can do Qigong! Our primary focus is on cultivating stability, flexibility and coordination.

Followed by:

Daoist Meditation - the traditional meditative practices associated with the Chinese philosophy of Daoism(Taoism), including concentration, contemplation and visualisations.
The chief characteristic of this type of meditation is the generation, transformation, and circulation of inner energy. The purpose is to quieten the body and mind, unify body and spirit, find inner peace.
In these classes we are specifically focus on improving health and longevity.

Completing the class with:

Gong Bath - during this sound experience in which large gongs and other instruments are played in a manner designed to relax, rejuvenate, and take the listener on a journey of self discovery and inner exploration. The sounds promote deep relaxation and peace, expansion of consciousness, and open the body’s entire energetic system. While there are periodic loud or intense swells of sound, the tones are generally in the medium range of volume and intensity to offer the greatest amount of harmonics and variances in the sounds.

To find out more details about locations and times or to reserve your ticket please email me at daoslavo@gmail.com
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