Each celestial body, in fact each and every atom, produces a particular sound on account of its movement, its rhythm or vibration. All these sounds and vibrations form a universal harmony in which each element, while having it’s own function and character, contributes to the whole.
Pythagoras (569-475 BC)
'Luxe coccon - the gons are extraordinary.'

qi of gong: a gong bath + qigong workshop

A unique sound bath journey that recycles stress into harmony of your whole being through effective and time-tested methods from ancient China. After a short introduction to Daoist arts we will start with gentle, meditative movements sometimes called Dao Yin, a basic exercise system within Chinese medicine focused on self-healing and longevity. Once the mind is calm and the body grounded you will lie down to receive vibro-acoustic massage in the course of blissful gong bath.
During this sound experience large gongs and other instruments are played in a manner designed to rejuvenate cellularly and take the listener on a journey of self discovery. Such sounds promote deep relaxation, expansion of consciousness while opening the body’s subtle energetic systems. 
More dense or stuck Chi/Qi can be shifted into free moving, lighter frequencies that are more coherent with the great universal flow of energy. In this sonic practice, the music waves are considerate volume yet create heart-soothing, sacred atmosphere and carry harmonising overtones that refine the quality&quantity of vital force, while assisting the mind to rest in Stilness.   

Upcoming dates in 2020, London -Triyoga, Camden Town :

January 19th
Sunday 10.00-13.00
February 21st
Friday 19.45-21.45
April 24th
Friday 19.45-21.45
May 22nd
Friday 19.45-21.45
May 23nd
Saturday 19.45-21.45
June 12th
Friday 19.45-21.45
June 28th
Sunday 14.00-17.00
July 31st
Friday 19.45-21.45
A gong bath for Valentine's Weekend

Date And Time

Sun, 16 February 2020

11:00 – 13:00 GMT

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“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi


This heart opening sound journey is an alternative Valentine’s celebration focused on nurturing our most fundamental relation: one we have with ourselves. The journey we will undertake is one within therefore this experience is suitable for you despite if you're single or in relationship.

By calming down a noisy mind through the gentle power of gongs and reconnecting with a deeper dimension of our hearts we can release what’s obstructing the awareness of ever present love within. Such love isn’t rooted in attachment and expectations but flows from our own essence as radiant Peace.

Being fully immersed in healing soundscape while simultaneously receiving gentle vibrational massage we will be soaking our emotional stones and aches in tender waves of soundness, releasing tensions and rejuvenating cells. Softness and lightness that are experienced as a results of such sound bath bring greater sense of connection within relationships we have with ourselves, with others and all expressions of life.


The Stratford Hotel London

20 International Way


E20 1FD


harmonious rhythms: yoga + gong bath

harmonious rhythms: yoga + gong bath
Eleonora Ramsby Herrera + Slavomir Latko

£30 £25 early bird offer until 07 Feb 2020

date / time

Fri, 14 February 2020,
19:30 - 21:30

triyoga Shoreditch


Open to all.
£30 (£25 early bird until 7th February)
Join Eleonora and Slavomir for a two-hour yoga and sound experience.
Thisimmersive exploration of yoga and sound is open for all levels. It includes 90 minutes of dynamic hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation followed by a 30-minute relaxing gong bath.

The focus of this event lies in cultivating harmonious rhythms.
Our tissues and organs have specific frequencies and rhythms that create an incredible symphony of life.
As the rhythms of that symphony change, so do the results that they produce. When all systems are in harmony, we experience happy homeostasis and optimal health.
Yet, as we go through our day, we are exposed to stress and obstacles that can trigger resistance and may turn into chronic disharmony.
Such prolonged disharmony has a negative impact on our internal musicians, causing certain organs to go out of tune and giving an outset to disease.
Additionally, just as the physical body has a set of frequencies, so too do emotions, thoughts and beliefs.
The goal of this sound therapeutic yoga session is to bring the ease and harmony back into our being by reminding these innate musicians – organs, emotions, nervous system, thoughts, beliefs – of their healthy frequencies and rhythms.
Instead of removing the "out of tune cells", we give them the notes back, so the beautiful concert of “being” can continue in harmony.
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