Music has charms to soothe the savage breast. To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak
William Congreve

How does it work?

Are you going to a physical therapist or a chiropractor for a physical difficulty? You might find that your treatment includes a device that projects frequencies into your body to heal your muscles or tendons or even to align your vertebrae...

Sound is routinely used in different areas of medicine and counselling. It’s common practice for a doctor to harness it in the form of ultrasound in order to create images of a fetus for parents to view. Ultrasound is also available as a treatment for kidney stones as well as for the acceleration of healing of bone fracture. It’s currently being tested experimentally for use with cancer patients. There are scientists who have examined our genetic code, found it analogous to music, and are researching ways in which sound may be able to affect healing through our DNA. It’s also on frontier of modern neuroscience.

Sound is now commonly being used in traditional allopathic as well as complementary medicine to help ease pain and relieve stress.

What is sound therapy?

The base of sound therapy is the use of therapetical instruments and sound vibrations to induce deep states of relaxation, brain coordination and enhanced creativity among many other great benefits.

With this treatment you will receive both, a sonic audible experience and a vibrational massage as the singing bowls used produce a series of harmonic vibrations that penetrate deeply into all organs, systems, tissues, bones, ligaments of the body.

The physical sensations receiving this sound massage are pleasurable, causing a profound relief as the body relaxes in depth during the session. The emotional body also receives soothing sound nourishment calming and balancing the emotions and allowing the person to center herself in her true nature. The mental side receives a profound balm calming the overactive mind and allowing it to rest in the safe and secure space created by these sacred sounds.

Vibrational medicine is particularly beneficial as our bodies are constituted by more than 70% of water. The vibrations of these harmonic instruments entrain the body & mind into resonance bringing a renewed sense of well being and inner peace.

Health benefits are extensive and may include the following effects:

Improved hearing for those with industrial deafness or hearing loss due to aging

Relief of tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

New vitality and sense of well being

Relief of tiredness and stress

Deep relaxation and relief of anxiety and depression

Heightened creativity and mental capacity

Increased energy, focus and performance

Deep, beneficial sleep and an end to insomnia

Better balance and recovery from dizziness or vertigo

Improved concentration and learning ability

Improved behaviour and communication in children

Increased voice quality and vocal range

Better communication, relationships and greater family harmony

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