Lomi Lomi Nui,
Hawaiian Temple Style massage: a human on the altar.

The massage table in the Hawaiian tradition was a stone altar, and the Lomi-Lomi Nui rite was practiced in the temples by healing masters. The ceremony lasted many hours, even days.  
It was combined with a holy hula dance and polyphonic singing. The ritual served spiritual purification and helped a person in a turning point in her/his life. It prepared a new ruler to take the throne, a traveler to a long journey, young people to enter adulthood, every human being to make an important decision.
It is a holistic massage in the full sense of the word. It restores alignment between body, mind and soul. 

'He’s an extraordinary bodyworker'


'Expert masseuse!'


'As a client receiving a Lomi Lomi massage the main difference you will notice is that te massage is performed on your entire body at once using almost dance-like flowing motions over the whole body, rejuvenating and releasing energy in a remarkable way.'

Lomi Lomi Nui is a full body oil massage that is dynamic and flowing. Like the ebb and flow of the ocean, the natural dance-like rhythm and the flow of breath in a massage session will lull you into deep relaxation and have a calming effect on the mind and emotions.
It is unlike any other bodywork as it goes beyond improving physical health: this sacred Hawaiian temple style massage can also help improve your outlook, especially if you're currently standing at the crossroads of your life. Changing jobs, getting married, the birth of your first child or uncertainty as to which direction to take in your life shouldn't cause feelings of fear. It was traditionally practised during rites of passage ceremonies in the royal temples, this massage is worth receiving when you're going through a life transition.
What to expect
The massage is firm but gentle, and does no harm. What makes this bodywork also special is the long, flowing massage strokes, the dynamic, moving music, and the dance-like rhythm of the therapist as he moves around the table. The flowing strokes run up and down the body from head to toe, and back again, including all the muscles and fascia as one integrated whole.
Deep tissue release work is incorporated into the flowing massage, when it is appropriate, or as specific treatment, to release deeply entrenched muscle and energy blocks, often releasing emotions. 
Joint rotations and skeletal movement are used to release muscle and fascia tension, to oil the joints, and release blocked energy often held in the joints. 


120 min : £120
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